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Huanying! Welcome! Bienvenidos! Willkommen!

Hey guys,

i dont really know how to manage this blog yet hehe, but ill try to fix it so you can just click through it (im kinda confused myself). Just to let you know: this trip has been amazing so far. I dont want to write too much, and most of the experiences are not caught in pictures, so just make your own mind. Facebook doesnt work in China (it worked in Beijing because the notebooks of the people i knew there could access it) so im going to put all the pictures on this website. Im writing this in english so everyone, no matter if Germany or Uruguay or wherever can understand it. Please let the people that wanted me to put fotos up to know about this and that i have no possibility to inform them other than with e-mail (who would think i would be so dependent of facebook hehe).

This time here has been crazy different than what i was used to in Germany, but im enjoying it at the fullest.
Although it may not seem, im thinking of all of you! Ive just been very busy with traveling, teaching, speaking mandarin, and so on, you know.

Hope you enjoy the pics, leave some comments !

Take care and come visit me!

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